Python code not giving any output or any error

whenever I am trying to run the code of python, its not giving any output and also no showing any error. it just switches to the cell below. please help me here

Are you printing anything?

Could you share the screenshot?

not getting any response in codes

still facing the issue, screeshot attached for your reference

The function that you have written here in cell# 4, you need to call that function to see an output. Even though you did write a line in the end that calls the function, because of the indentation it is being considered as a part of the function itself. Try to fix the indentation and it should work fine.

Actually I am not getting any response from even a simple code where in the beginning I was getting output,its not doing anything even for calculator, it just skips to the cell below ,screenshot is attached for your reference

I have restarted your server from my end and checked, it is working fine now. Could you please check once from your end and let me know if everything looks fine? Also, you can follow the below link for more debugging steps: