Please help me to complete my Python Project


I am getting below message, how to do getting error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 2157, in
File “”, line 1482, in main
File “”, line 917, in doCreateProject
File “”, line 731, in getCRMService
File “”, line 716, in _run_oauth_flow
File “site-packages\google_auth_oauthlib\”, line 404, in run_console
File “site-packages\google_auth_oauthlib\”, line 280, in fetch_token
File “site-packages\requests_oauthlib\”, line 360, in fetch_token
File “site-packages\oauthlib\oauth2\rfc6749\clients\”, line 421, in parse_request_body_response
File “site-packages\oauthlib\oauth2\rfc6749\”, line 431, in parse_token_response
File “site-packages\oauthlib\oauth2\rfc6749\”, line 438, in validate_token_parameters
File “site-packages\oauthlib\oauth2\rfc6749\”, line 405, in raise_from_error
oauthlib.oauth2.rfc6749.errors.InvalidGrantError: (invalid_grant) Malformed auth code.
[13728] Failed to execute script gyb

Are you a G Suite admin backing up user mail? [y or n] n

You can authorize a service account later by running:

gyb --email --action check-service-account
GYB installation and setup complete!


Hi, Amit.

Please follow the workflow in your web-console. To get the backup of your email.

  1. bash <(curl -s -S -L
  2. You will see a bin folder. Go through the steps
  3. Now continue by selecting option 7.
  4. Open the given link in a new browser, advanced with GYB.
  5. You will get permission box “Grant GYB permission” and Google Drive and Gmail permissions click “Allow” three consecutive times.
  6. Copy the Verification code and type in the Linux console.
  7. It will ask " Are you ready to authorize the GYB to backup and restore G Suite user email? Click “No” if you are not using G-suite products.
  8. That’s all you have successfully installed GYB and a folder with path /home/your_user_login_id/bin/gyb/gyb has been created.
  9. cd bin/
  10. cd gyb/
  11. ./gyb --email your email address.

I have replied with the screenshots in our discussions forum : UnboundLocalError: local variable 'credentials' referenced before assignment

You can follow the workflow.

All the best.


now stuck on.
Please enter your Google email address:

Go to the following link in your browser:

Enter verification code: 4/vgHG3N4EuMdC3M8z0fzy2AI8sVn2YOQG3S_zna2RsvWF-pbTekSalEA
Creating project “Got Your Back Project”…
Checking project status…
Please go to:
and accept the Terms of Service (ToS). As soon as you’ve accepted the ToS popup, you can return here and press enter.

Creating project “Got Your Back Project”…
Checking project status…
enabling API
enabling API
enabling API
enabling API
Creating Service Account
Please go to:

  1. Enter “GYB” for “Application name”.
  2. Leave other fields blank. Click “Save” button.
  3. Choose “Other”. Enter a desired value for “Name”. Click the blue “Create” button.
  4. Copy your “client ID” value.

Enter your Client ID:


Hi, Amit.

Copy and paste your Client id, it will be not be visible in the terminal.

All the best!


It’s downloaded, thanks.


can u please help me in doing this i am stuck up after bash and not getting anything
smita bagchi


Plz let me know what are things you did so that we can proceed further