Hortonworks Hadoop Hive connection on tableau showing install driver and connect


Hi @sgiri,

I’m unable to connect to the hortonworks hadoop server on tableau. These are the steps I followed :

  1. Installed tableau

  2. Installed Cloudera ODBC Driver for Apache Hive from https://www.cloudera.com/downloads/connectors/hive/odbc/2-6-4.html

  3. Followed the Driver installation guide and entered the c.cloudxlab server along with username and password. the connection test was successfull.

  4. Run the tableau app and selected Hortonworks Hadoop Hive; entered the server details:

The connection cannot be submitted as the SIGN IN button is disabled. And below it says “Download and install the drivers” and then connect.

Please help! I don’t know what is been missed in the procedure. Also, in the video “connect to Apache Hive using tableau” it showed the Server type : Hive Server 2 , but I don’t have the type option visible here.


I found the solution to it. I have to connect to Cloudera Hadoop instead of Hortonworks Hadoop Hive. It works this way!

Hope it helps others!


Thank you Salman for sharing the solution with everyone. It would definitely help others too.


Mr Sandeep, neither “Hortonworks Hadoop Hive” nor “Cloudera Hadoop” is working…!


Hi, BV_Raju.
Please follow the steps below it should work fine.

  1. https://www.tableau.com/pro
  2. https://www.cloudera.com/do
    a) Go down find database driver
    b) Select Hive ODBC Driver Downloads
    c) Select Hive ODBC 2.6.1 (It is a stable version). Select
    d) Select OS and version 64 bit.

Workflow for connecting Tablue to CloudexLab Local user via ODBC Driver.

  1. Open tableau ( Now they are giving 14 days trial).
  2. Go to > To a Server > Hortonworks Hadoop Hive.
  3. Enter c.cloudxlab.com as Server and port as 10000
  4. Select “Username and Password” as Authentication.
  5. Enter your lab username and password.
  6. Select “SASL” as Transport.
    Click on “Sign in” and wait for the connection to establish.

Note :- we can downloads the ODBC Driver from Tableau also.
a) At the left down corner. It will show “Downlaods and Install the drivers” if your driver is not insatlled.
b) If you click It will take you the page :- Tablaue supported Drivers page.
This will show all the Drivers that Tablue supports.
Again it will take to the site :- cloudera downloads page

Please feel free to reply this thread if any problem.