YARN Resource Manager is down


Dear @sgiri ,

YARN Resource Manager is down.
Kindly make it up.


Done! It is mysteriously shutting down. Any help in figuring out will be great.


Hi Sandeep,

I researched on Google and came to some conclusion that, it is due to Memory related issue. One possible cause may be of Java Runtime Environment is having insufficient memory.

After you starting the RM, it went down and up again. When RM is up, memory utilization is 75 to 80% and then it went down and again it was up.


Let me try to increase the memory. For this, I will have stop the server.


Yes, Increasing the memory may solve our issue.


I have increased memory. So far, it seems to be up.


Yes Sandeep. Now RM is up.
And I am checking for every 1 hour, RM is up all the time.