Unable to login in cloud lab



I am getting a error while logging in in Cloudxlab or Jupiter notebook. I am entering the user name and password from my lab credentials by using the copy button and pasting it in the command line window found in https://e.cloudxlab.com/. Still I get a error called login incorrect. Its the same problem I face with Jupiter lap also in the browser environment.

Please help.

Best Regards


@sandeepgiri - Sir can you please help. I was thinking of progressing on this course during weekends. But I am stuck without the ability to login.


I have reset your password. Now you can login to console and jupyter notebook.

Sandeep Akode


Hi Sandeep,

Its again not working. I am getting the below error message.

cxln4 login: svvrajan6216
Last failed login: Sun Jan 19 12:32:16 UTC 2020 on pts/75
There was 1 failed login attempt since the last successful login.
Last login: Sun Dec 22 13:12:27 on pts/22
[svvrajan6216@cxln4 ~]$


Hi Varada,

It is working. Can you please check whether you have entered the password correctly?