Train ML Data on Jupyter Notebbok


Dear Team

Can you please guide me How I can upload my data sets on my cloudx lab and get them trained on jupyter notebook? And while training can I close my browser and My note book will keep running?
What is the allocated CPU/GUP/RAM to my account?

Best Regards
Amit Modi


Hi, Amit.

Kindly refer to the below articles to transfer file from local to CloudxLab.
While training you have to use Jupyter notebook integrated with ClouxLab.
Every user have been allocated 4GB of RAM.

All the best!


Many thanks for response. Now e.g. my training data took 7-8 hours. So can I close my system and my Jupyter note book will keep running on cloud PC?


Yes, once the training starts it will keep on running on the remote m/c. But make sure to keep the CloudxLab page and Jupyter open while training.
also make sure having uninterrupted internet connection while training.

All the best.