Tableau issue while accessing Hive

Hi Cloudxlab Team

Am not able to connect to Hive using Tableau.

Here is error

An error occurred while communicating with Hortonworks Hadoop Hive.

Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.
Error Code: 37CE01A3
There was an unknown connection error to the database. The error message below has additional information, but you might need to ask the database administrator to review the database logs.
[Hortonworks][DriverSupport] (1110) Unexpected response received from server. Please ensure the server host and port specified for the connection are correct and confirm if SSL should be enabled for the connection.
Unable to connect to the Hortonworks Hadoop Hive server ‘’. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

Could you please help in resolving issue.

Thanks and regards


Hi, Sayeef.
I have rechecked the server is running properly, can you follow the steps again? you should be able to do it. If still you get any issue please reply to this thread.


    a) Go down find database driver
    b) Select Hive ODBC Driver Downloads
    c) Select Hive ODBC 2.6.1 (It is a stable version). Select
    d) Select OS and version 64 bit.

Workflow for connecting Tablue to CloudexLab Local user via ODBC Driver.

  1. Open tableau ( Now they are giving 14 days trial).
  2. Go to > To a Server > Hortonworks Hadoop Hive.
  3. Enter as Server and port as 10000
  4. Select “Username and Password” as Authentication.
  5. Enter your lab username and password.
  6. Select “SASL” as Transport.
    Click on “Sign in” and wait for the connection to establish.

Note :- we can downloads the ODBC Driver from here also.
a) At the left down corner. It will show “Downlaods and Install the drivers” if your driver is not insatlled.
b) If you click It will take you the page :-
This will show all the Drivers that Tablue supports.
Again it will take to the site :-

All the best.

i have the same issue even after downloading the driver i am facing the error he has i’m stuck now

Please check if you downloaded 64bit version. One of the common issues with the driver is that if your windows is 32 bit, the driver should be 32 bit and if your windows is 64 bit, your driver should be 64 bit.

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Yes i have made sure to download 64 bit as my pc is 64 bit… i also saw a post where someone else connected using Cloudera Hadoop i tried that too but not working :frowning: