Server Hangup issue in Hue


Since Saturday i am getting issue in using lab
its showing server hangup (especially i Hue)


Hi, Can you please provide the screenshots of the error for better understanding.
If you are doing Hive Tasks you can also use Hive Terminal for it.

All the best!.


Hi, I am getting connection errors when I log onto Hue


I see that you are trying to connect Mysql from hive, please see the updated host and path of Mysql –

  1. MYSQL PATH -->

2)The updated ip address is:-
mysql -h ip- -u sqoopuser -p
Mysql : NHkkP876rp

  1. To connect via sqoop -->
    mysql -u sqoopuser -p -h cxln2.c.thelab-240901.internal

If still error persists use Hive shell, you should be able to do it.

All the best