Predicting Stock Prices using GRU

Hi everyone,

I have attempted the Stock Price Prediction. Please have a look and let me know your feedback.

The general approach is same as in the NYSE Stock Price Prediction Guided Project but with the following variants

  • usage of the holiday package
  • usage of the timeseries generator class from Keras
  • the number of features predicted is same as the total features in the dataset minus the ticker name

Attached is the scrolling screenshot


Thank you
Prakhar Prasad

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Hi Prakhar,

Great work. I am intrigued that your predictions are consistently higher than the actual values.
I think it is because you are scaling y.

Also, did you try the LSTM too?
Would you like to build a guided project out of it? I think it will be super useful.

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks. I will try LSTM as well and update here. Yes the prediction is consistently lower than the actual. It did not occur to me that scaling could have an impact. I will try again.
Yes, I will be very glad to build a guided project :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice work Prakhar!

How can we scale X but not y? Wont it give huge validation loss? Or have I understood something wrong.

If the model is trained on scaled X_train values, it would do the good prediction on scaled X_train or X_test provided the scaling parameters are same.

A model learns to predict y from X - which can be scaled or not. If you train a model on scaled X value and you are testing on non-scaled, the result will be bad.

If you say scale the value of y, the chances are that the result will be erroneous specifically if the relationship between X and y is non-linear.

Imagine the relationship between X and y is this:

if X < 20: y = X5 - 10
X > 20: y = X
3 - 5

X, y
15, 65
21, 58

Say, we scaled the value, y_scaled = (y - 65)/(65-58)
X, y_scaled
15, 1
21, 0

If you think about, the translated of y_scaled to y would involve multiplying by (65-58) and additing with 65. This would not give great results because y is not linearly dependent on X.

Try doing an experiement with the above example using neural network model.

Thanks @Sandeep. This is quite insightful and well explained.

I tried having X scaled and y as normal and it works fine as you said. But the results are not encouraging . I have used LSTM and I guess I have to fine tune some parameters to get the right results.
I am doing the NN model on Nifty closings for past 14 years.