I have over 15 years of experience in the Quality, Reliability and Continuous Improvement domain. Currently, I am a Global Quality Leader for the segment Public, Digital Solutions division in Signify (earlier known as Philips Lighting).

In this role, I lead a team of quality professionals. Digital Solution division in Signify specializes in Connected Lighting propositions and IoT in Lighting aimed at Road & Street, Highways, Tunnels etc.

Analytics is my passion and I love to learn and apply Data Science, ML, AI techniques. Previous to joining the AI & Deep Learning course from IIT Roorkee & CloudxLab, I have taken multiple individual and specialization courses on Coursera and Udemy in Data Science, ML, AI, Deep Learning.

As a certified Six Sigma Black Belt in Signify, data analysis is the key ingredient of my work. On the basis of online courses I extended the skills to include R and Python programming and the immense possibilities that it can offer in combination enabled with Cloud platforms.

My learning mantra is to Learn in way that I can teach it someone else.

My ambition is to be part of a core ML and AI team and contribute in making exciting products using these techniques. The current drive is to be “Industry Ready” as soon as possible.

My skills include the following

  1. Six Sigma - Process, Tools & Associated Applied Statistical Methods (Practitioner since 2013)

  2. Data Science with R and Python - ML , ANN, CNN, RNN, Forecasting (Acquired via online courses since beginning of 2018)

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