Oozie Workflow stuck in PREP status


The Oozie Sqoop workflow is stuck in PREP status from a long time. I am running a Sqoop Import Task in OOZIE Workflow (tried both from Hue and webconsole) it gets stuck in PREP status but the same SQOOP import command is working on webconsole. Sqoop Command below and the oozie job.

Oozie job: 0031353-190314103642455-oozie-oozi-W

Sqoop command inside workflow:

import --connect jdbc:mysql://ip-172-31-20-247:3306/retail_db --username sqoopuser --password --table departments --target-dir hdf
s://ip-172-31-35-141.ec2.internal:8020/user/m1ymoneym1y5259/oozie_test/problem58 -m 1

Please help me in understanding as why the job is always getting stuck at PREP status

P.S.: I have tried the Oozie with simple mkdir command but that too goes in the PREP status and the log doesn’t sho wmuch details.