Not able to read csv files


Hi ,

Please let me know,what is error in path to read csv file.

Please responde to theread

Please put the data in HDFS and change the location of the file to the HDFS location, It should work.


I dodn’t get that one? This is the HDFS , right?


Please let me know, what is location of HDFS?


Please reply. I am not aware with HDFS location, and your delay in repsponse is throwing me back from my learning schedule.

I would be great if you could please reply or increase support persons to do the job.


@Gautam_Jain , your HDFS location would be /user/gautamjain45920/

Copy the file from local linux file system to hdfs first using command :
hdfs dfs -copyFromLocal filenamewithpath

var df ="/user/gautamjain45920/part-0000.csv")


Thanks Ankit.
Thanks for response. I will try that.