My jupiter console is not working for Linux


my jupiter console is not working for Linux


Hi, Anirudh.

You have to do Linux task in from Web-console.
Open your web-console present under the services tab and perform linux task.
You will be able to open Jupyter.

  1. Go to console tab.
  2. Click on Jupyter icon.
  3. Go to "cloudxlab_jupyter_notebooks.
  4. Now you will be able to find all your files.

If you want to run LInux command use ! before the command.
Please try to understand the Tutorial. The Tutorials are self-explanatory.

All the best


mkdir xyz" command is not creating a directory or file.Jupitor is not performing the tasks. I am not asking how to find files.Its just not performing the task so I am unable to proceed.


Hi, Anirudh.

You need to create directory from web console. The directory will formed in the same path of that of Jupyter.

Kindly refer to this video below.

If you want to make a directory from Jupyter just type !mkdir xyz in your Jupyter notebook.
I have rechecked it, it is working perfectly.

Now you can do it.
All the best!