Map Reduce jobs hangs


Dear Team,

When i am following HQL command in Web console, it is not executing and getting hangged.

Kindly provide me the possible solution.

command:: select count(*) from cust_details.

PFB for more details.

hive (gd2)> select count(*) from cust_details;Query ID = gowthambabu82699_20191008091254_d5386b51-87f9-4b2f-b89b-e04500fa5130Total jobs = 1Launching Job 1 out of 1Number of reduce tasks determined at compile time: 1In order to change the average load for a reducer (in bytes): set hive.exec.reducers.bytes.per.reducer=<number>In order to limit the maximum number of reducers: set hive.exec.reducers.max=<number>In order to set a constant number of reducers: set mapreduce.job.reduces=<number>



Hope it is working all fine now.