Local storage size increase request


Dear @abhinav & @sgiri ,

Recently i’ve received mail from CloudxLab regarding reducing Linux local storage to 1 GB. Please note that there is already size limit of 4GB in HDFS, due to this we are storing some excess data in linux local storage & pushing them to HDFS whenever it is necessary. Due to this 1GB restriction, it is taking lot of time to procure data & saving in HDFS & run Big Data Jobs. We are preferring CloudxLab not only for just state-of-art cluster but also for cloud storage. Since there is administrative restriction to use our own cloud storage with lab, it is taking lot of effort to run jobs. Big Data jobs run better & we learn a lot is possible only with large data. We were unable to upload huge data into CloudxLab with our limited internet connectivity.

Requesting you to provide 4GB in Linux local storage as same as HDFS.

Ravi Teja Sikhakolli.


I too agree with Raviteja…
It seems storage restrictions are too low for Big Data Analysis…
I would request Admin Team to consider raising Storage limits…

Kranthi Kumar



i’ve dropped mails to support, Sandeep & Abhinav. Awaiting for response.