Lab subscription query

I have enrolled in the Data Science Specialization course on your website. I enrolled on the course when the course was free on your website in the month of May. I had also purchased a monthly Lab subscription. These courses are still shown in the “MY Courses” section in my account, and I can access them and submit MCQ answers. But my LAB subscription has expired, so I cannot submit answers to programming questions.
Recently Cloudxlabs has started a subscription scheme for learners. I want to ask that should I purchase the LAB subscription only as I have the course in my courses and am able to access them or do I have to buy the subscription.

Kindly check my account and Advice.

Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for writing in.

The CloudxLab subscription has been introduced so that you can access all the Cloudxlab self-paced courses as well as the lab environment under a single subscription. Moreover, by purchasing the Cloudxlab subscription you will have the liberty to complete any Cloudxlab self-paced course and earn the certificate during the subscription period.

Hope this helps.


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