Issue with Accessing Spark web UI


Hi Team,

I am unable to access Spark web UI. Executing the spark shell on server and on port 4043.

Snapshot from Log:
Tracking URL from log is http://ip-172-31-35-141.ec2.internal:8088/proxy/application_1547862802432_0924/

19/01/23 20:05:57 INFO Utils: Successfully started service ‘SparkUI’ on port 4043.

When i am giving URL the web page is routed to http://ip-172-31-35-141.ec2.internal:8088/proxy/redirect/application_1547862802432_0924/, but giving error as “This site cannot be reached”.




If you are using Spark in Yarn mode, you would need to use the yarn logs interface from command line. Earlier we had the yarn logs interface open for www which cause a lot of attacks so we stopped it.

This blog outlines the yarn logs:

Sandeep Giri