HDFS File Ingestion from Linux to HDFS

I am new to lab environment . Connected to lab environment using putty .

(1) I have created a file in Linux in home directory . [OK]
[saurabhbigdatadev307110@cxln5 ~]$ ls /home/saurabhbigdatadev307110/Hadoop/LocalInputFiles/

(2)Ingest this file in HDFS .
(A) Not able to create a HDFS file system .
[saurabhbigdatadev307110@cxln5 ~]$ hdfs dfs -mkdir /home/saurabhbigdatadev307110/hdfsfilesInput
mkdir: `/home/saurabhbigdatadev307110/hdfsfilesInput’: No such file or directory

I am able to resolve this issue .
Issue is resolved, followed previous thread from satyajit_das
You can manually navigate using hdfs dfs -ls /user/your_cloudxlabname_userid

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