Guided project on image classification using pretrained Keras model

Below is the snap where I got the error and could not proceed

Command : Step number 5

img_path = ‘/cxldata/dlcourse/lion.jpg’

Above command does not shows error
!cp /cxldata/dlcourse/lion.jpg -/
This command shows error

What to do provide the solution ?


There is a strange quote character before the first slash.
Please try this:

img_path = '/cxldata/dlcourse/lion.jpg'

No error in !cp /clxdata/dlcourse/lion.jpg/ -/ in this command

I need to copy lion.jpg in root directory right but showing error in !cp command.

I am executing every thing in cloudx lab environment

You should copy it in your home directory instead of root directory.

Users do not have permission on root directory.

Please go thru the Linux Basics tutorial to get the understanding: