Getting unnecessary messages while working on Cluster


Hi Team,
While working on the hadoop cluster I am getting unnecessary chat messages between people. Not sure why those messages are broadcasted over the network. This is very irritating when you are trying to work on the cluster. Suddenly the message pops up on the webconsole and disturb your command and rhythm. How to stop it? Can I use Putt instead of webconsole ? will this resolve this issue


Hey Shantanu,

I too am getting these. Though I can disable wall or write, I think I would let users have little more freedom and enjoy tinkering. At least, by the way of this, they can have some curiosity/fun driven learning.

If you want to disable you can run “mesg n”. You can also add a line “mesg n” in your .bash_profile.

Can I use Putt instead of webconsole

yes, you can use putty without any problems.



We have disabled the programs using which people were sending the messages to all.

Sandeep Giri