Getting 404 not found for jupyter notebook


Getting error

404 : Not Found

You are requesting a page that does not exist!

appeared on refreshing the page.
files are ok and my jupyter notebook opened in a new tab
Please help


Hi, Bubun.

Can you please check the internet connection by pinging ping in your terminal.
or refresh the page again or open in a new browser, you should be able to get the page again.
If still not able to see, send the screenshots.

All the best.


I tried in different browser(chrome) but again got same message


in my old browser(Microsoft edge I m getting:


I checked internet but its ok and I tried in different browser as well problem not solved.


I have send the screen shots


Seems like you had deleted the notebook.

It should work now.



Thanks a million Sir, I was really scared. It must have happened mistake unknowingly because I do not remember deleting notebook although I tried a lot for opening a new notebook in the playground.
Thanks again


Unfortunately I am facing same issue again ie ERROR 404 but I did not delete any file
I would like to know how to open a new jupyter book in play ground because I download my jupyter and then cut all the cells rename and work.
Please help