Fix the Connection issue with Hue


Hi @abhinavsingh / @sgiri , Can please fix the issue with the HUE. I am unable to connect the Hive or any other databases using HUE. I know I can work hive Terminal by connecting through the Terminal.

But I would like to test through HUE.

Thank you,



Please use Hive from console. In general, in prod, the companies don’t provide Hue. So, it is better to learn to do the things from console. It is more practical and also more possible to automate things from console.

The Hue for some reasons is not able to scale well for our users. We are looking into scaling and fixing these issues. But that should not stop you from learning.

Sandeep Giri


Hi @sgiri,

Thanks for your suggestion. As, I previously mentioned in my post I know how to work with HIVE through console.

But I am looking to work with HIVE through HUE and to test the features in the HUE.

FYI In my company we are using only HUE not the console.

If you can fix the Issue ASAP it will be highly appreciated. If not I would like to choose some other lab providers in the market.

Thank you,