Error Access Lab Cloudxlab


My account in Cloudxlab is
I am trying to make an exercise in the laboratory.
Exactly, i tried to make an exercise in Zookeeper
But I have an error

Can you help me?

I am attend for you response


Hi @Catalina_Hernandez,

Can you please let us know what error are you getting?



I have this error in the laboratory
The error is

This shows an error of conection refused, when i am trying to access to Zookeeper.
I am attend for your response.


Can you please let us know what command are you using to connect to zookeeper


The comman is
but actually i don’t have this problem more.
Until up this moment, all is ok.
I will inform you if I have a new inconvenient.


Hi, Can you tell me what is the difference between this 2 formations.

I want to train for being a big data architect. Do you offer formation for this?