Doubt regarding certificates



I am currently pursuing the ’ EICT - Data Engineering with Hadoop and Spark’ course. I have a few queries on obtaining certificate for the same.

1.Is there a need to share the project code to get the certificate? Or if I have completed all assignments locally in web console and the course status is shown as 100%, does that qualify me to obtain the certificate?

2.How to share the project code?

3.Can we just share the project file alone? e.g: mylogparser.scala?

4.Should the projects be shared for all projects in the course?Hive? Hive Visualization?LogParser(Spark)?

I have only 3 days for the target completion date. So, please help me with a response at the earlies



You do not have to share any code. Everything is graded by system. Please let the team know that you have completed the projects and the team will be able to see your progress in the system


I have completed the assignments. Based on Satyajit’s advice, I have taken screenshots of the output also for the logparser project(4 output screen shots). If you want me to share it, I can do that along with my code.

If that is not required, can you please help me with the certificate?


Hi, Nisha.

Congratulation! for completing your Big-Data course and project.
Our team will review and issue the certificate within 3-5 business days.

All the best!