Why your tutorials are not in PDF Book?

Somebody had asked us the following question and I will be posting the answer for the same over here since it lets everyone get a better understanding of the same.

Your course is asking a lot of questions and tests are being conducted at every step while the course can be taught by providing a simple PDF book

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Dear ______,

Thank you for your honest feedback. I am very happy that you want to learn about various technologies. I really admire people like you who put their learning on priority.

We do agree that Linux can be taught by the way of creating a textbook. And yes, that is the usual way of learning. There are many such tutorials on the internet.

However, we observed that most of the learners who came to learn Data Engineering, Machine Learning and DevOps were lacking in the ability to deal with Linux commands and thus were not able to perform well. When we further discussed with learners, all of them have gone through the textbook way of learning Linux. The only problem was that they were not hands-on. They were very scared of the black terminal but they knew the whole theory.

We at CloudxLab decided to make sure that the people are able to learn Linux the right way because learning Linux helps a lot in their career.

So, we built the hands-on tutorial. This tutorial makes sure that you don’t sit back and read at leisure instead it forces you to do the hands-on. It gives you rewards and ensures that you are learning by doing the hands-on. In the beginning, it may not be very flattering to you but soon enough you would start to realize the advantages.

Here is an analogy that you may like. Can you learn to play tennis by reading about the rules and strategies of playing tennis? Reading is necessary but not sufficient. In order to learn to play tennis, you will have to get into the ground. You would need a companion who could give you rewards to help you know the rules and keep you motivated.

The design of our learning items (tutorials, projects and courses) is very much in the lines of how we humans learn. The learning item gives you rewards and celebrates a little happiness so that you do not leave the tutorial. Life, in these days of social media and mobile phones, has become very distracting, making it impossible to learn something. Therefore, the majority of the design of our software is to help the learners overcome distractions. Giving rewards, having short reading material, providing auto-assess assignments and a social network are few of the techniques that we have built so far. We are working on more ideas to ensure the success of our learners. If you have more ideas, kindly let us know. We would like to incorporate the same.

We had more than 18 thousand learners who started the Linux tutorial and more than 70% have completed it. Based on this data, we have observed that the candidates who complete the Linux tutorial have higher chances of finishing other courses on DevOps, ML, Data Engineering and various projects.

So, my humble request to you is to give it a try wholeheartedly. Trust me, it will help you. In today’s world, you can become anyone you want to be by the way of learning new things.

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I hope I was able to answer your question.

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