What is capped data?

Can you explain what does it mean by capped Data?

Hi Sandeep,

Capped Data in conjunction with the data/bandwidth usage limit ?


To understand the concept, here’s a real world example of capped data - while measuring air pollution, the maximum reading that most air-pollution monitors measuring PM10 levels can measure is up to 999.

So this data is automatically capped at 999. On some day, when pollution level is even higher than that (e.g. on Diwali), the air-pollution monitors still report it as 999.

Capped data

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Ya right. I explained this term in my earlier post.

Capped means that the median house value is set so that their values does not go beyond a certain limit, so your machine learning algorithm may learn that the price never go beyond that set limit, and it certainly can be a problem in future stages of the model. So, we have to make sure beforehand about the capped values and keep that in mind while further proceeding with the project.” Considering The Housing Price Prediction Problem

But there is no context here so capped data can have other meanings too.