What are the topics covered in Big Data with Hadoop and Spark course?

Can you please let me know what are the topics covered in the Big Data with Hadoop and Spark course from CloudxLab?

CloudxLab offers a comprehensive course on Big Data with Hadoop & Spark – and the course covers the following:

Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Foundation & Environment
  • Zookeeper
  • HDFS
  • Data Formats & Management
  • YARN
  • MapReduce Basics
  • MapReduce Advanced
  • Analyzing Data With Pig
  • Processing Data With Hive
  • Importing Data With Sqoop, Flume, Oozie
  • Scala Basics
  • Spark Basics
  • Writing And Deploying Spark Applications
  • Common Patterns In Spark Data Processing
  • Data Frames And Spark SQL
  • Machine Learning With Spark

We also provide projects, automated hands-on assessments, case studies and state-of-the-art lab where you can learn by doing practice.

You can preview the course here. You can see all the course topics there. Click on “Preview Now” to see the content of topics. Each topic will have slides, videos, and assessments.

Happy learning!

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