What are some practical applications for Python?

What are some practical applications for Python?

Here are some applications for python:

1) Statistical Computation: Here SciPy library of python is used. SciPy contains a module for optimization and computation. It provides several statistical distributions and statistical tests.

2) Data structure operations: Here Python facilitate us with Pandas library. Pandas provide high performance, easy to use a data structure called Data Frame for exploration and analysis. The Data frame is the key data structure that feeds into most of the statistical and machine learning models.

3) Visualizations (Heat map, bar plots, etc.): Python provide Matplotlib library. It is a 2D plotting library. Also, python provides us with the seaborn library. It provides us with a high level interface for drawing attractive statistical graphics.

4) Mathematical Computation: For mathematical computation NumPy Python library can be used. NumPy is the fundamental package for scientific computing involving large arrays and metrics. It provides useful mathematical computation capabilities.

5) Machine Learning Algorithms: Scikit-learn library provides a range of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms.

You can also refer to https://cloudxlab.com/blog/?s=python for some practical examples by CloudXLab with python.
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