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Hello sir,

I am a mechanical engineer, I would like to know to about scope of ML/AI and its applications in the field of mechanical engineering / automotive engineering.


Hello Sir,

Could you please delevep a android & IOS app for cloudxlab like byjus. I have seen Eduraka app in playstore. Thats look good for learining through Mobiles/Tabs. If mobile app is available for CloudXLab that would be very useful for us.

Thanks & Regards,
Shajahan Anwarbasha


Hello Sir,

I am a data science fresher student enrolled at CloudxLab yesterday, earlier I have little ideas on programming knowledge, linux, C, C++, not in depth but have ideas during PGDCA program few years back, Here one interesting things is can we have a live session where all participants join and interact with each other live session, text forum is okay.

I am newbie digital marketing graduates pursuing a new chapter to add better scope to my career, learning linux shell, kernel, command to create, add, delete, move, rename. Hope for the best. Can we reach with instructor like zoom, google hangout, skype something like that.


good evening sir iam registered in python for machine learning course. i completed the course when will i get the certificate.

Hi, I’m not getting my mandatory modules of AI course in the link that had been provided to me. Till now I have completed the 9 non mandatory modules and 1 mandatory module. But today there are only 8 optional modules in my link. What happened?


Please drop an email to reachus@cloudxlab.com

Hi @Venkata_Pradyumna_In,

The mandatory modules will be added to LMS each week as the course progresses.


in some project there is no notebook available so in that type of project how i would complete my project.
my course is machine learning specialization.

I did not understand.

What is type ?

I did not understand the program xyz_str.

please explain.


Nirav Raj

def conditional_statements(num1,num2,num3,num4):
    if num1 < num2 and num1 > num3 and num1 == num4:
        if num3 < num2:
            if type(num2) is float:
                if type(num1) is int and type(num3) is int and type(num4) is int:
                    return num1 + num2 + num3 + num4

I did not understand above program.

please help me understand

Hello Nirav,
I tried many time to execute this particular code. There is error in my code ass it does not give any results.
Does your code executes properly? Tried many time, but could not execute the code. If you were able to understand kindly help.

Hello Sir,
I have just started the ML and Deep learning course. Since ML is largely dependent upon data collection, I wanted to know how to collect the data from social networking site etc. Using python and use it for ML.

Hello Sir,
Notebook got disconnected from kernel and uanble to connect again. Kindly suggest.
Please find the attachment for reference.

def compound_interest(principle, rate, years):
if principle > 0 and rate > 0 and years > 0:
interest = 0.0
x = principle
old_principle = principle
for i in range(years):
interest = (x * rate * 1)/100
x = x + interest
comp_interest = x - old_principle
return comp_interest

i did not understand the program. please help

i cannot able to login hue after entering username and password…no error but not entering to hue browser

Hello Mr. Abhinav,
I am Srikar and i have just entered in to this field of Data Sciences .I have been working as a Business Analyst in an equity research firm for last 5+ years .I am pretty much interested to know how do i connect the dots ? its seems to be a good learning & practicing environment. But i being from a business background it has become hard for me know how all these tools and languages are interconnected with each other?
I would like to know is there any way that i can get a basic understanding in how all these are interconnected.Any video source,some basic understanding …a bigger picture of how the things are connected … any suggestion/help will be appreciated from your side.
Thank you,
GBM Srikar

Got registered,opened the cloudxlab site. already at the MyLab section.
when I m trying to click Jupyter it is asking for username and password. I have the username, how to get the password


The username and password would be in “My Lab” section.

in console i defined the path(copy pasted) but the message is coming as Invalid Syntax