Useable IDE - Visual Studio Code & Jupiter Notebooks

Already in the Python domain. I still wonder, what is the most used or better IDE? Visual Studio Code (mocrosoft, Spider, Pycharm?? Is Jupyter Notebooks an IDE to write Python with Libraries, Pandas, Numpy?

Appears hat both Visual studio Code and Jupyter Notebooks both do same things…

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Whether to use VS Code or Jupyter totally depends on your use-case and your personal choice(i.e., which one you find more compatible). Generally, people who are into data science stuff prefer Jupyter notebook. On the other hand, people who are in other fields, such as web or app development or normal programming, prefer VS code.

Also, both have their individual pros and cons. For example, Jupyter Notebook easier is to use, set up, and administer but Visual Studio meets the needs of business better.

For the next question, it will be better to figure that out on your own.

Based on both personal and professional experience, VS Code is better IDE for python. The features which I like are it is lightweight, ease of debugging and integration with GIT.

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