Unable to go to next chapter


How do i resume my course from where i left last???

I tried but it is giving the same questions which i already answer.

I completed Functions chapter…

How do i go next step?

So in each slide you have a hamburger icon (with 3 lines). Once you click that, you will see the list of topics and beside each topic you will see a green check if you have completed it. You can just click any topic there and go to that topic. Happy learning!

Thanks for your reply,but i can see the green check’s for completion of course and red one which is not attempted.
But when i click on any one chapter like Functions then it is only giving the theoretical part not the VIDEO to attend the lecture.
Please solve this.

That’s because the topic that you picked has text content only. If there is a video it will show in that topic

I found it need to do NEXT for multiple times and landed on the next video.