Unable to create Sequential node in Zookeeper


I am having an issue regularly. When I used create -s /zoo v after launching zookeeper, it was fine but after 2 minutes, it shows create: command not found.
I tried a different way too, create -s /abc v, it does not recognise that. I do not understand the issue.


Hi, Amit.

I understand that you are trying to create a sequential Z node in Zookeeper with the command below
create -s /node data_inside_this node. --> you are not giving any data, so getting the error.
You are doing correct only, here there is a catch if you do not give the data, it will not able to create a sequential node.
So, I request you to please give some data for creating the sequential node.

create -s /zoo hi.
get /zoo --> to see the data inside the node /zoo

All the best.