Topic 14: 404 Playground file not found


Thought it best to post this on a new thread.

Hi @abhinav, it seems the previous solution is not working in all cases. This time I am having a similar issue on another topic, namely End to End ML Project - Fashion MNIST or topic 14.

Initially I was completing the project in a separate workbook in the lab, but as it didn’t work for the Bike Rental Forecasting topic, so today I moved the codes for the same to the playground as suggested. And since then, the codes are not getting recognized, even though they were getting recognized earlier when I was completing the project in a separate notebook. After trying a couple of times, now I am getting a 404: File not found error in playground. Please suggest a way forward.


You might have renamed/deleted notebook

Please run this command on your web console

rsync -avz --ignore-existing /cxldata/cloudxlab_jupyter_notebooks/ /home/$USER/cloudxlab_jupyter_notebooks/


It worked! I think I mistakenly deleted the notebook. Will let you know if I come across any other issue. Thanks @abhinav!