To configure multi agents in flume

While working with multi agents in flume, single sink data is divided into multi source.How to configure it and how sink data will be divided among different sources?

Hi, Priyanka.
Good question.

For configuring the multi-agents in Flume, you have to configure the Flumes files, which are present in HDFS at /data/flume/conf.
There are two files.

  1. ( for input)
    Inside this you can define sources, sink, channel, configure the sources and sink info. you can bind the source and sink the to the channel.

  2. (for output)
    You can name the component like sources,sinks, channels.

For configuring Multi-agent Flow, you can use “avro client” to a local Flume agent, then this local agent can forward it to another agent.
​Please refer the link for more info :-

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