Timing for this training

I have signed up for “Python For Machine Learning” training and as per the schedule, my time is at 1.30 am, 4th November, I just wanted to know if this is the only time for the training or you have later sessions as well.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @aparna149,

Course will start from Nov 4, 6:30 pm PST (Nov 5, 7 am IST)

Right now we only have one batch on the above timings. We may launch more batches in different timings in future.

If you are not able to attend because of timezone, then you can also go through the recorded videos of the live sessions on your course page.

We will try our best to upload the recorded videos on the same day itself.

Hope this help.

Hi @abhinav, there still seems to be some confusion over timing. The initial email said that sessions will start from 5 November 2017 and will happen every Saturday & Sunday from 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM PT (7 AM - 10 AM IST). Your reply above says that it will start from Nov 3, 6:30 pm PST (Nov 4, 7 am IST). So, 2 questions:

  • Which of the timings is correct, Saturday evening PST or Friday evening PST?
  • Going forward, the sessions will happen Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday (PST)?

Hi @Pravin_Singh,

Nov 3, 6:30 pm PST (Nov 4, 7:00 am IST) session is to help learners with setting up their local environment with all the tools required for the course.

Officially the first class will start from Nov 4, 6:30 pm PST (Nov 5, 7:00 am IST) and the second and consecutive classes will happen on Friday and Saturday 6:30 pm PST (Saturday, Sunday 7:00 am IST).

Hope this clears the confusion.

Hi Abhinav,
Thank you very much for the info. :slight_smile: