The characteristic of Big Data: all the Vs


As part of Big Data, there are other V’s also mentioned. Like Veracity, etc.
Here, only 3 are mentioned - Volume, Velocity and Variety. How bout other Vs?

Is this content old? Should we have all the other V’s too, when we holistically look at Big Data. Please clarify.

Hi, Ambika.

The first 3 V’s is actually core Big-data that is Volume, Velocity and Variety is 100% covered in Big-Data course.
Here you are see the syllabus :-

The later V is Veracity —> To clean the messy data and last V is Value --> to get the meaning out of the data is actually the application of using the data in Machine Learning and Data Science which you were referring to.
Here you will see the syllabus :-

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All the best!