Tensorflow.ipynb--type error when executed

I am referring tensorflow.ipynb file. I am trying to run it in cloudxlab. When i run below line of code.

sess = tf.Session()
result = sess.run(f)

It is showing type error as below:
TypeError: Fetch argument <_io.TextIOWrapper name=‘simple.txt’ mode=‘r’ encoding=‘UTF-8’> has invalid type <class ‘_io.TextIOWrapper’>, must be a string or Tensor. (Can not convert a TextIOWrapper into a Tensor or Operation.)

can you please help me on how to fix it.

@sandeepgiri, Hi Sandeep,
Sorry for bothering you.

Can you please check what is the issue. I have been waiting for solution for quite long time.

Thanks and Regards

Hi @ganeshkumar_patil

Where did you find this line in the notebook?

Can you please paste some more code?

@abhinav Thanks for reply.

I cloned https://github.com/cloudxlab/ml.git repo and path: deep_learning/Tensorflow.ipynb.

It is 19th run from beginning. I am still getting this error when try to run on cloudxlab environment.

Similar issue with deep_learning/introduction_to_artificial_neural_networks.ipynb file.
28th run on jupyter for below code:
with tf.name_scope(“dnn”):
hidden1 = tf.layers.dense(X, n_hidden1, name=“hidden1”,
hidden2 = tf.layers.dense(hidden1, n_hidden2, name=“hidden2”,
logits = tf.layers.dense(hidden2, n_outputs, name=“outputs”)

Also on 41th run on below line of code on deep_learning/introduction_to_artificial_neural_networks.ipynb file:
with tf.name_scope(“loss”):
xentropy = tf.nn.sparse_softmax_cross_entropy_with_logits(labels=y,logits=logits)
loss = tf.reduce_mean(xentropy, name=“loss”)

Thanks and Regards

Just comment out these lines and it should work

with open("simple.txt") as f:
    for line in f:

@abhinav Thank you so much…it worked. But dont know how it is related to above line of code?

Please check the value of “f” and you will come to know why it was creating problem

@abhinav…Thank you… i got it…
The variable f was getting overwritten by file(TextIOWrapper)