Streaming data with Flume

**_Please also show us how to collect streaming data for example by twitter etc.
And one more thing why there are not live classes anymore please do it otherwise only by watching the recorded vedios it is not that rejuvenating .
Please @Sandeep sir


Hi, Anubhav.
Kindly follow this blog for more information on how you can stream the data using flume agent.

There is live classes for Devops which is going to starts on 22 Mar 2020.
Kindly check here :-

All the best!

How do we know what to write in the flume.conf file is the configuration is already been done in the flum.conf when we will create it or we have to write all that configuration again and again?

Hi, Anubhav.
Yes you are right!.
In Flume there are configurations files like.

  1. -> Here we define the source, sink and channels configurations. where the data is coming.
  2. --> Here you do the binding for them and type of connections you want to make mean which topology you will be using.

And as per your requirements you can configure this just by making some changes in files but not in live.

All the best!