SqoopExport failing

Hey im unable to do a sqoop export to mysql as the export job is failing.The filenames and connect are correct, i did a similar export from same folder to same db. The schema is correct in the sense of name.The size should also be correct as i have put varcahr(150) for every column. The mapperis staring , but is failing immedeately. What would be the reason?

Hii the probelm is that i have a date in my csv and is contradicting the format of sql, This is the cause of this issue.Can anyone suggest any methods other than making the data type a text?

There could be multiple reasons:

  1. SQL login/password are incorrect
  2. The Hadoop Mapreduce nodes’ IPs are not allowed by MySQL
  3. The database name is incorrect.
  4. The SQL Query it is creating is invalid