Spark SQL ODBC Driver Setup

I am trying to write SparkSQL via ODBC provided by Simba Spark ODBC Driver.
The ODBC connection failed to setup. I have specified the following for the setup
Spark Server Type - SparkThrift Server (Spark 1.1 or later)
Host -
Port - 10000
Database - default
Authentication - User Name and Password

Can someone please advise why this might be failing

I get the following error


[Simba][Hardy] (81) Attempting to connect to an incorrect server type: ORG.APACHE.HADOOP.UTIL.RUNJAR /USR/HDP/ ORG.APACHE.HIVE.SERVICE.SERVER.HIVESERVER2 --HIVECONF HIVE.AUX.JARS.PATH. Please check your configuration.

Hi @smith_chris,

Just curious, earlier you were able to connect right?