Slides for Neural Networks

Hi ,
Most of the slides for Deep Neural networks, Recurrent neural netowrks are not full and many of them have been removed and reduced as to what sandeep has used in sessions, these slides are very important pls give me the full slides for all neural network sessions

Hi Avishek,

I have gone thru all of the slides of Deep Learning Course assigned to you. The slides are up to date.
Could you help me understand which slides are missing?

On what basis do you say so?

Hi Sandeep, i have downloaded all the slides, in Neural networks from Deep Neural network onwards most of the slides the end part is not there around 15-20 slides, are not there, at least what i can see from my account, when i am downloading the slides last part of them are truncated, like for convolution neural networks, your slides in the class had many slides, the one i am having is having just 113 pages, Introduction to Neural networks has just 77 slides where as in the class there were more than 120 i guess, the last part of softmax calculations and all are missing

Avishek, I am looking into this. Will update the slides and let you know. Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Avishek, I have updated the slides for CNN. You can refresh the page and you will be able to find the updated slides. However, I could not find any difference between the lectures and the slides for the other Deep Learning topic. So it would be very helpful if you would send us an email at with screenshots of the slides that that are there in the lecture videos but are missing from the slides provided. Once again, thank you for your feedback. These help us make our course materials better for our users.