Session missing : Machine learning specialization course

Hi @sgiri Sir,

I enrolled to machine learning specialization 2 month back .
while going through the course , i found that some session are missing between TOPIC 5 and TOPIC 6 .
Topic 5 contain session 1 and Topic 6 starts with session 7 .
i am bit confuse , where are the remaining session , why there are not included ?
Please help with this.

Let me look into it.

Hi @KUMAR_SHUBHAM, welcome to the CloudxLab community!

To answer your query, even though the session numbers do not match, and as you said yourself that topic 5 ends with session 1 and topic 6 begins with session 7, continuity has been maintained and there are no learning gaps. When you go through the material yourself, you would not notice any difference.

Happy learning!

Thanks @rajtilakb ,for helping me out …

I have also enrolled for the machine learning course from the site of an essay outline template and this really an awesome experience. Looking forward to get more such course.