#Remove the imputer instance to the training data

imputer = SimpleImputer.fit(USA_Housing_num)


TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)
1 #Remove the imputer instance to the training data
----> 2 imputer = SimpleImputer.fit(USA_Housing_num,strategy=“median”)
3 X=SimpleImputer.transform(USA_Housing_num)
5 USA_Housing_tr=pd.Dataframe(X,column=USA_Housing_num.column)

TypeError: fit() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘strategy’

How can i fix it??

Please reply.

I have send you an email today (November 13th), please check.

I looked into.
My number is good my friend called me 10 min before.

Give me your phone number.

May be it’s location and tower issue.

Please give me your phone number.

Hi Nirav, please check my email and schedule a meeting accordingly. Thanks.