Regarding Certificate (Data Science Specialization - EICT, IITR)

Hi Sir/Ma’am,

I have completed 64% of the course with projects so I am eligible for a certificate and I have also applied for a certificate.

Please let me know that anything is pending/missing from my side.

Abhishek Gaurav

Could you please drop us a mail at

I have got all certificates. Thank you for support and nice course.

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Thank you for your appreciation. Hope you had checked our projects too, if you didn’t you can find them here:


I’m enrolled in the Data Science Specialization - EICT, IITR course. I have to complete my course before March, 2021 to be eligible for the certificate. I have few questions.

  1. Are CloudxLab and EICT, IITR still collaborating?
  2. Would CloudxLab and EICT, IITR be issuing the certificate jointly in my case, since this is the reason why I signed up for the course?


Yes, CloudxLab & IIT still Collaborating and will be launching the course very soon. We are redoing a couple of courses.

Yes, you will get the usual join certificate. Nothing to worry.