Python Project: Urgent clarification required

I am a little confused about the 4 parameters that I need to pass to the function in Project 1 and 2.

path’ contains the path of the folder which contains the eml files
select’ should be “To” or “From” or “Subject”
where’ contains any one of the string “To”, “From”, or “Subject” on which we need to apply the filter
matches’ contains the filter

I am confused here about the function of ‘select’ parameter. What purpose does it serve since we are to return all 3 values anyway, and the filter is already on ‘where’?

Also, in Project 2 , should we use all the data from Project 1 for the analysis because if we apply a filter it would contain very less number of emails.

Finally, I have coded the function partly for Project 1, is there anyone I can show it to so that I know that I am heading in the right direction?

Hi Rajtilak,

Please go for the new project. The new project is way simpler and doesn’t have too many failure points.

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Thanks for your reply @sgiri but I have already submitted the project and have received the a mail saying I would receive my certificate within the next 3-5 days!

Cool! Then, nothing to worry.