Python Project 1 issue

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This is regarding the first python project. I followed same steps as it is mentioned in the question.
Please find the given below steps that I have gone through.

  1. Gone through the link
  2. Executed the command bash <(curl -s -S -L
  3. Then entered the email id.
  4. Went to the link provided and provided the verification code.
  5. Got a link as
  6. Once, visited the above mentioned a pop up is getting generated for OAuth consent screen to select user type and from there I am unable to proceed further steps(
  7. Enter “GYB” for “Application name”.
  8. Leave other fields blank. Click “Save” button.
  9. Choose “Other”. Enter a desired value for “Name”. Click the blue “Create” button.
  10. Copy your “client ID” value.)

Have attached screenshot for the same. Request you to please look into this and let me know the solution.
I have one more request if there is any alternate way to extract the mail then please provide the same in question so, that One can go through alternate one as well. Or else if it is possible please make a video or notes so that we can extract through GYB easily.

@satyajit_das @sgiri Please have a look into this.

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@sgiri sir please help on this.

Hi Team,

Its more than 24 hours and did not receive any response from your side yet. Can anyone from support team take my account on remote support and assist me.
Kindly look into this with a priority.
Also I have a quick question. Can we do this project with the other email service provider(Rediff , Hotmail etc.) except gmail?



Gyb is an opensource project. Can you please check the documentation of Gyb? Gyb documentation will help you in fixing this error.

Hi Abhinav,

Thanks for the response.

Yes, I have gone through the GYB document but did not find anything related to Google API Developer (OAuth Consent Screen). In the attached snapshot (in above query) we can see that at OAuth Consent Screen option it asking for the user type (External/Internal) and the issue is occuring from here only. So, If possible please arrange a remote support session.


We do not have any control over OAuth Consent Screen. It is Google page.

Can you please find any other opensource tools for extracting emails. Please let us know after you will other tools and we will add them to the project page

i am also facing this problem @sgiri sir pls help

Hi Neha,

This has been resolved. Are you facing the same? I can help for this.



It will be good if you share the steps/screenshot so that it will help others.


yes please, it will be very grateful.

Hi Abhinav/Neha,

I will be sharing all the steps/Snapshot by tomorrow morning.

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ohk…thanks a lot for your help

Hi All

I have documented all the steps and attached in JPEG format. Please go through this. I hope these steps will resolve your issue. Best of luck!!!
Note–> I have uploaded all the steps in jpeg format as we can’t attach Word document here. Sorry, for inconvenience.
Just For Information–> @abhinav, @Neha_Sharma, @sgiri

Cheers !!!
Jayant Dikshit


Thank you so much @jayantksittu for such a detailed explanation

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