Python Programming - Project 1


Hi, I am working on the Project to extract the emails from Gmail using GYB.

I went thru the process and

gyb --email --action estimate
After that, I provided the verification code, and see below.

Enter verification code: 4/vQGajUUYWTlNtJ-zmUtEIPrXGe8mia-xxjT0U_D6YKwwjO9HUOSOA7k
Got 1452 Message IDs
GYB needs to examine 1452 messages
GYB already has a backup of 0 messages
Estimated size 77.44mb 1452/1452 messages

However when I check the GMAIL folder in the gyb it is empty.
Howcome my emails are not in the folder? What am i doing wrong?
I am unable to figure it out. Please help.

Many thanks.


Hi, Pythonmacro.

Can you look into this steps:-

  1. cd bin/
  2. cd gyb/
  3. ./gyb --email your email address.

All the best!