Python Programming Assignment

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Python - String Concatenation

In Python we can use several string operations like concatenations. Two strings can be simply concatenated using the “+” operator. For eg. to concatenate the strings “football” and “basketball” and assign it to a new variable games run games = "football" + "basketball"

** Instructions **

Assign a value of “Cloudx” to a variable called first and a value of “Lab” to a variable called second .

Using String Operations concatenate the values of the variable first and second and store the result in variable called final .

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I have rechecked this code, It worked for me.
Kindly check one more time and it won’t work out, please send me a screenshots for the same.

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I recommend you to kindly check the instructions of the questions.
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kindly help me on this assignment:-

def get_name():

after execution it show error please help

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Could you please share the screenshot of the error so that we can assist you better? Also system will show you the test case execution result. Please take inspiration from the same.