Python for Machine Learning

Working on single Regular expressions at a time will give much better idea about regex. This is very important concept for data processing.

Any better idea to learn regular expressions quickly?

Please answer my question…seems to be nobody is active in this forum

Hi Atif,

We have a dedicated section where we have covered the concepts of regular expression from the very basic. You can find the chapter here.
Please let us know in case you have any more issues regarding learning regex.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I am aware of this. However at the very first instance its look confusing.

Need to have clear idea about regex.

Hi Atif,
Regex can be confusing when we are learning it for the first time. Although you can find many online
resources covering regex in python, but I think only practise can help in getting good at it. I would recommend building simple regex patterns and using them. For this you can practise all the regex patterns which are covered in our chapter. And you can always post your queries here, and we will be happy to help you.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Sharukh for the help