Projects to be completed in ML and Neural Networks

Hi ,

I want to know the minimum number of projects required to be done from each section of ML and Neural Networks for completion of Data science Course.

Avishek Desarkar

Hi @avishekdesarkar9106

Please find the guidelines here

Hi Abhinav,

Due to urgent requirement, i actually have to get into a ML project in my company and so i need the certificate of ML and Neural networks so that i get a project!! Is it possible if if finish all ML and NN projects and you provide me the certificate for ML separately and than when i finish other courses on Big data you can provide the full data science specialization. I already have spoken to Sandeep about this in Linkdn and he said its possible.

And also please specify after finishing the projects how to submit the projects in what manner?

Hi Avishek,

Please send an email to with your query.


Hi Ankur,

I have already sent a mail yesterday.

Please reply to that.